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Stocking Delivery Has Begun & Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Pay Pay will Match any donation

Hello Everyone!

Stocking Delivery has begun and already we are getting thank you's.

Today one of the facilities called and said how much they loved the stockings and they are going to send pictures!

Below is a Video from Divine Home in Elgin.

We still have deliveries to make we are more than halfway there!

How wonderful it is too give back!

Door drops go out next week and the facilities will be completed this week

As of now we have filled about 1100. But we still have 2 facilities to hear from with a count.

This gift is going to a special group of people We call these Jason Kits Because aVeteran at the St Charles Veteran Center donates them. Leather Bound New Testament Bibles were Donated By Breath of Spirit Ministries in Texas

Thank you for sharing. Giving and Helping

You are the Best !

630 377 5355

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