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Vendors & Volunteers Needed for Fundraiser July 25

Hi Everyone!!

Christmas Is July 25 We are looking for 17 Veteran Vendors!

Are you one? Do you know one??

1150 North 5th avenue

Sunday July 25

Vendors will park behind buildings

The Parking Lot Space is 50.00 Non Refundable

Vendors ONLY may use Kingdom Global Impact Center Lavatories

We have room for 17 Vendors

This will fill fast Please forward

Thank You.

Let's make this happen!

Our Veterans Need you!

The goal for 2021 is 2000 stockings.

We will have a collection bin...

Items needed are listed on the flyer.

But we do need eye drops NOT Visine ( it's harmful to the cornea of the eye)


Parking Lot Help

Collection Help

Security for Buildings

Thank you all so Very Much

You Are Amazing!

Robert and Theresa Phillips

Call us at 630 377 5355


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