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A Prayer of Faith Standing By Thank You Veterans

Dear Friend:

The year hasn't been easy.

It's not hard to understand why.

We felt you needed to know That Faith is standing by.

Although life seems distant, and, lonely at times.

Let us bow our heads Thankful for our daily bread.

Every heart longing and every remembrance calling.. From the front lines to the air.

From the trenches and beaches everywhere.. Faith has been standing by.

Prayer answered by a mothers lips, fathers and others too.

Acknowledging that it's is for freedom that's why we remember you.

As we think of a child in a manger.

Or a candle on the window sill.

Faith brought us together Faith alway will.

Now dear friend as we send you good wishes.

We have 12 days of Christmas.

It's gone so soon.

So let us keep in our hearts Love lights the room.

Yes, today we bend the knee asking God as a devotee.

To the flag on our shores. To the nations who aligned with us and more.

Keep us safe and well.

Strong and mighty.

This is a sure thing and we know why...

Because faith stands by.

May God bless you and keep each one of you at the Veterans Center and Beyond.

Directors Robert and Theresa Phillips

Robert Phillips

If you need a prayer or just someone to listen.

call...Robert at

630 301 1741

FYI We are still collecting for Heroes

In May we will be delivering more Tees and Socks & Toiletries to our beloved Veterans

Thank You!

Here is a Video we did for our Local Veterans Center Enjoy

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