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Easter Blessings To You All🐣

Hello Community~!

We would like to thank you all including St Charles North High School for helping us gather eggs for our Veterans.

It's such a blessing to give back

We gathered close to 400 eggs and they are all delivered.

Support Over Stigma Gave us 5 Food boxes to deliver to those who are in need.

What a blessing!

We are thank you and hope you have the best Easter Ever!

A week ago we wer able to visit The March Altrusa Business Meeting.

What a joy to share about Be A Hero To A Hero Some in person some online It was wonderful .

They gave us Several Small Flags we still need 300 For Operation Force Shield for Armed Forces day

Tees Toiletries Flags in a Goodie bag will be distributed locally.

What a HONOR to give back o so many who have given us so much!

Plus St Charles City Hall sent us an Offering form Blessing Friday THANK YOU!

Thank you Altrusa!!

Happy Easter To All!

Robert and Theresa Phillips

630 377 5355

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Thank You

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