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Nov 21 @ The Arcada Theater 11 Am We fill stockings You Must Register

We have been to the arcada and wow we will have a Fabulous place to assemble these precious stockings!

Thank you Ron Onesti!

All will need masks and If you have a cold PLEASE STAY HOME!

We will have sanitize station at every table Please use them

Plus we ask each of you to bring an item for the stockings

We can have 40 Volunteers and we are excited about this event

Please Register


Our Goal is Huge!

The Stockings have arrived!!!

Fedex brought stockings t Tuesday in 2 Trucks. The Man who brought them wanted a flyer How great is that!

We have been making the rounds and not a much has come in so please forward this email and help us get the word out!


What an honor! Holy Cross School in Batavia

is making Christmas Cards and taking up some donations fo us!

We thank HOLY CROSS SCHOOL in Batavia.

As we dropped off the bin today we were excited to hear that they are keeping patriotism alive in the school with an event on Veterans Day!

The List is below Where the Bins are

What we need

We hope to see you on the 21

Our Veterans will thank you!


And Stay well out there


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