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The Valentines Were A HIT Now How About and Easter Egg?

Dear Friends

We have had tremendous feedback from the Valentines That we decided to go for Eggs.

Avondale Home Was So Grateful
Avondale Home Was So Grateful

Yes those plastic eggs? They are so easy and how about just a note inside that says thank you?

So that the next project,

Still we need 1000 small Flags for May .

You all are so abundant in Love for our Veterans that we cant thank-you enough.

From Be A Hero To A Hero We are looking for those plastic eggs with a Note of thanks in them or our Local Veterans if you can assist let me know. you purchase the eggs and fill them with notes :) You deliver to us and we will distribute them

Be A Hero To A Hero Runs solely on the donations from all of you.

Thank you all so much

Partner 10.00 A Month

Directors Robert and Theresa Phillips


Needed 1000 Flags
Needed 1000 Flags

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