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We Are Gathering.. And Still Need.. Register To Fill

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all who have hosted Drop Boxes for us.

And Those of you who have sent us financial help!

So far we used that help to Purchase

1500 Stockings

400 Tee Shirts

400 Bars of Soap

400 Pairs of Socks

We still need

All the above and TOILETRIES

We need toothbrushes

Lotions and Creams


Eye Drops

We DO NOT NEED Sanitizer

If you would like to make a Tax Deductible donation Please do so here

We have been at the Building sorting and disinfecting everything!

It's Coming together!

So far we have confirmed 1500 Veterans Receiving Stockings

If you want to assist in filling stockings Please register HERE

We appreciate all of you so much.

And thank you for loving Our Veterans

From Team Hero

PS... Theresa will be on Chicago Radio

Tuesday 9 Nov 8;20 Am


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