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What A Beautiful Community The Mission Continues.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

We have been so blessed by the people who are about our Medically Confined Veterans.

On Saturday the 9 the We Were at Channahon Memorial for Veterans lost to PTSD.

Theresa was asked to sing The National Anthem and She did!

This memorial is by Michael Tellerino From K9s For Veterans

While there we were so moved by the need for memorials that we have now approached our Local Commander of The American Legion to see what we can do to be a part of this in Kane County.

Information was handed out by Be A Hero to many wonderful caring people there

Sunday We were at the District Meeting and, again Theresa led in The National Anthem.

And while there was asked to sing at a block party who was sponsoring a Veterans event and raised funds and hosted a drop- box for Be A Hero To A Hero ( info coming).

It's such a Honor to give back! Wanna Help? You can... 630 377 5355

Here are the places where items can be dropped off at.

Here are the places where items can be dropped off at.

If you need more information please contact us at 630 377 5355.

Thank you so much!

The Mission Continues!

As we serve back!

Team Hero

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