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WOW We have already delivered 500 Stockings 700 2 Go! We must continue on! Giving Tuesday is ON!

Hello, Friends of Be A Hero To A Hero.

Today we are bringing you some great news and some not so great news.

We have already delivered 500 Stockings, and We have about 700 more to go.

We have had to have a very skeleton crew due to covid. We do hope you understand why... We have to keep everyone safe!

Wednesday Thanksgiving even we received an urgent phone call for items for LaSalle Veterans Home.

I called three team members, they showed up in less than an hour, and we put together 5 bins of Disinfected items. Sealed and ready for Delivery Saturday, we delivered them...

As we rolled up in the truck.

We saw an ambulance ... Another man being taken to hospital.

We distanced and prayed for him.GOD help these people and all of us!

Now on to more news

Because COVID is so rampant, we are going to PUCH for Memorial day and do it again.

Tee Shirts Socks Toiletries and These will be Bagged. Not stockings.

So, as you may know, Tuesday is Giving Tuesday, and we need your help

Partner with us for just 10.00 a month. We can accomplish so much.

Thank you ever so much


Theresa Phillips Co Director


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